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for inspiring women, couples in love and female entrepreneurs

Hi you,
Welcome to my website about photography, love stories and my life. I’m glad you’re here. I recently turned my life upside down and now you can book me as your personal branding and lifestyle photographer in various locations around the world.

Want to capture your love story or level up your business? I’m in!

Available in Dubai from 3th of october until 31 of october 2022. Available in Bali from the 27 of november 2022 on.

Personal Branding

Your first impression counts!
Make the difference and stand out from the crowd.
Let’s visualise your personality and your business together.

Love and Lifestyle

Moments pass. Photos stay.
Do you want that tummy tingle when you get the photos and relive the moment? With professional photos, I make it possible for you to see yourselves with different eyes.

Behind the camera

Hi, I am Joana

  • 31 years old, from Switzerland
  • from bank clerk to marketing to photography


Photographer – Visual Publisher
Marketing Communications
Marketing Specialist
Bank clerk with vocational baccalaureate

I love taking pictures, capturing emotions and I also love learning and developing every day.

I am currently available in Bali, Dubai and Switzerland. Check the Travel Plans page to see when and where you can book me.

How others feel about their photoshoot

My recent work

Why working with me?

With me you are choosing a reliable, passionate and dutiful photographer with a background in marketing and finance. As I am an emotional and empathetic person, I often get carried away by touching moments.

These very qualities also help me to connect with you so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I also love teamwork. So also with you. Your shoot should not only be the result of my creativity, but planned, conceived and realised together with you. 

My photography style is characterised by earthy tones and a modern, authentic style.