I like to capture everything around love

Love – an essential human need. It exists on different relationship levels. Be it with your partner, children, parents, friends or even yourself.

Available in Dubai from 3th of october 2022 until 31 of october 2022. Available in Bali from 27 of november 2022 on.


Are you two souls who have found each other and decided to walk a common path? I look forward to learning more about you and your love story and capturing it in pictures.


Your family is your pride and joy? Book your photo shoot now and I will accompany you during a family outing or walk.


Have you always dreamed of having professional photos taken of you that reflect you and your personality in an authentic way?


Have you decided to tie the knot? I am happy for you and have opened a few limited slots for weddings in summer 2023.

Couple Shoot

LOVE is one of the most beautiful feelings for me and therefore a pure joy to capture. I create pictures of your love with real emotions. Be it for yourselves as a couple, your social media or for your wedding invitation.



Family Love

You see your children growing up fast and getting bigger? Don’t miss the right moment to capture your family’s happiness on pictures. Maybe in 20 years you will look at the pictures together and enjoy the great memories.



Portrait for females

Don’t wait for the right moment. Instead, give yourself a confidence boost now and valuing yourself. With me, you get a mix of portrait and full body images, in an environment that suits your personality.




So many beautiful and emotional things happen on your wedding day that it is impossible to grasp everything. That’s why it’s even more important to have a photographer by your side who captures these moments and allows you to emotionally relive the day.

I am opening a few spots for weddings in Switzerland in June 2023.


My recent work

Are you ready to book your photoshoot experience
and to capture your love and life?

You don’t need any experience or posing skills. I will guide you through the photo shoot
and create an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable – even in front of the camera.