Hey, I am Joana

My Story

My Story

The tingling in my stomach during the shoot, the joy of editing the images and the feedback from the clients when the gallery is delivered is what drives me and makes me happy as a photographer.

I had not planned or even dared to dream of becoming a photographer. I would never have believed in it and now I am very grateful that it happened and that my clients and my environment love my photos.

Developing my passion and purpose

Starting with a photography course out of private interest, I gradually developed my own small business. I quickly realised that I love photographing people and their emotions and stories. As more and more shooting requests came in, I realised that people like my photos, my style and my way behind the camera.

So Benjamin, my partner, created a logo, branding and website for me and I worked out the photo packages and pricing.

Living our dream

Now 2 years later we are living our dream and live somewhere between Bali, Dubai and Switzerland. Doing photography location independent is a challenge, but it also opens doors to the most beautiful shooting places in the world (beaches, rainforests, beautiful houses and cafes, deserts, lakes and mountains).

I have always been a person who expressed myself through more than just traditional communication. I love to dance and sing and now I complement this with visual communication through images – photography.

Facts about me

I have a dance showgroup together with friends called radioactive. We dance hip-hop, ragga, locking and much more and have a few performances a year.
Until a few years ago I sang a lot, including a few weddings.
I absolutely do not like sports with a ball and I am very bad at them.
I love to travel the world with my partner. We love South-East Asia and the Emirates.
I have been doing Yoga for 3 years. It helps me to switch off from everyday life, to work on my flexibility, mindset and a better body feeling.
I love semolina porridge. My family even had to bring me the Coop (Swiss grocery shop) porridge all the way to Dubai.
Fairness is one of my great values in life. When I see injustice, I get upset.

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